• Montgomery Town Council

Montgomery Town Council - Covid-19 response


Montgomery Town Council is following all guidelines set out by the Welsh Government and recommends the following to the community of Montgomery:


Stay At Home

Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (but only if is not reasonably practicable to work from home)

 Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people

Wash your hands as soon as you get home


The Welsh Government has a section on their website dedicated to all information relating to Covid-19 from business support, health advice, education and much more.  The site can be located here: Welsh Goverment


Montgomery Wales website


Booking systems on this site are focussed around providing news, listing events and booking the Town Hall. Please note, as recommended by the UK government on reducing the risk to vulnerable people and keeping our NHS safe, most event listings through the What's On section of this site and the Town Hall booking system will be running at a reduced capacity - please check with any event organiser listed or contact us for more details.


In summary.....


Montgomery Town Council

Town Council meetings will take place online, a link will be shared on this - and our facebook site, for members of the public wishing to view the meeting.


What's On Calendar

Most events are cancelled at this time. Montgomery Market is taking place each Thursday, outdoors with food and drink stalls only.


Town Hall Bookings

The Town Hall is currently closed. Bookings can still be made on this booking system but the Town Council is unable to say when the Hall will re-open, so all booking are made at risk. Queries can be addressed to the Clerk whose contact details are displayed on the booking page.


Coffee Mornings

The calendar of Saturday coffee morning bookings for the year made by the Clerk during the autumn remains in place. Coffee mornings can't take place at the current time due to government restrictions and the closure of the Town Hall, but these will restart when the situation and policy allows them to do so safely, and will follow the original bookings. The Clerk does not have contact details for each group that have booked so they won't be contacted individually. Queries can be addressed to the Clerk.


Outdoor Spaces

The following outdoor spaces have been closed:


Gaol Road play park

Tan y Mur play park

The tennis club AND its courts

The bowling club/green

Montgomery Castle, its car park and paths

The Whitegate Pools wildlife/picnic area


Notifications & updates will be listed here, through the Crier and on the Towns facebook page.

If you have any queries with the above, please contact us.


Local Community Help: Neighbourhood Angels

The idea of Montgomery Neighbourhood Angels was floated via a Facebook post on the evening of 15th March. By the evening of 20th March, cards had been printed and were being delivered to every house in Montgomery, Hendomen and Caerhowel by volunteer Neighbourhood Angels, while Shopping Angels had already received their first requests for assistance. Once again, Montgomery showed that it is a community which cares for its neighbour and stands up in a crisis. With all of us now confined and the places we normally meet all shut, the Angels network is even more important.


Neighbourhood Angels can help with small tasks which are hard to manage when you are isolated at home, and they can access information and tap into wider support. But maybe the real benefit is that everyone in our community has the reassurance that somebody cares, and is just a phone call or an email away. Do call your Angel, introduce yourself if you haven’t met and let them know how you are managing. Already we’re all making new friends across the generations and connecting with people we didn’t even know a few weeks ago, as we try and work things out together in these difficult times.


More information, including Angel volunteer contact details, can be found in the current issue of the Crier. To view on line, please select the latest edition indicated by a '*' and download to your PC, Smartphone or Tablet: Download the Crier