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Waste Collection Calendar


You should place your containers on the kerbside, just outside the boundary of your property.
The boxes can be stacked on top of each other to save space, however if you feel the containers will block the footpath please place the containers just at the entrance to your property.
Remember to take your containers back into the boundary of your property as soon as you can after they have been emptied.
If your rubbish is currently collected from a communal point, in the majority of cases, this will still stay the same.
When putting out for collection, the lid of your wheeled bin must always be fully closed.
Rubbish that doesn’t fit inside the bin or left on the floor next to it will not be taken.

Note from Powys Council Waste

Over the last few months we have been putting out the message that the council is no longer able to collect plastic film in the red ‘Plastic and Cans’ recycling box but we have not left material at the kerbside to allow residents time to adjust. However, we are still receiving large amounts of this material and from 20 June we will start to proactively leave material with the householder.
We will be carrying this out across the county over a three week period so that our Awareness Team can work with the crews where residents have questions and concerns.

A leaflet will be left in the contaminated box clearly explaining why it has been left. The reason that we need to remove plastic film is that it reduces the quality of the material that we collect and it is very difficult to find outlets for this mixed material.
This will become even more problematic when we start to bale material to minimize the transport costs. We have held training sessions with all staff involved in the process from the collection crews to customer services so everyone is clear with the message to the public.

For more information on what can and can’t be recycled please visit our website at,
telephone 0845 602 7035 or email