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Montgomery Wales

The Crier

The Crier is picked up from the printers and taken back to base to be unloaded and sorted into distribution blocks

Montgomery Wales

Getting the prints ready

Sue & Venice take delevery of the prints. This will now be sorted and made ready for distrubution

Montgomery Wales

Sorting Office

The Crier is sorted into various stacks and made ready for pick up by the team of volunteers who deliver the Crier to your doorstep

  Not Forgetting...    
  Sue Evans Tom Price Russell Jones
  Venice Pugh Margaret Durston Mary & Dave Beddoe
  Gary Lloyd Irene & Roy Whittingham Wendy Evans
  Paulene Jones Rev Mary Turnock Liz Seddon
  Geoff & Maggie Threlfall Trefor Pugh Haydn & Jane
  Carol Goodchild    

Montgomery Crier

The first Crier was produced in 1996 and was the brain child of Eric Gent, then Mayor of Montgomery. A team of 5, Eric Gent, Pat Torr, Nigel and Linda Picken and Keith Vavere folded at the Picken's kitchen table and was then delivered to the town.